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PERSONAL MOTTOS (not really mottos, but some sentence or quote that can keep you going!)
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February 26 2008, 13:24:13 UTC 8 years ago

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
-Mahatma Gandhi

It's overused, I know. But I get so disappointed in other people's actions that sometimes I wonder if there's any point in trying to do "the right thing" when so many people don't give a shit.


February 26 2008, 23:39:49 UTC 8 years ago

to the point: keep on peddling!


February 27 2008, 03:24:49 UTC 8 years ago

drive drive drive!

juuust kidding, i don't know


February 27 2008, 12:57:45 UTC 8 years ago

I am tired.
I am true of heart!

And also:
You are tired.
You are true of heart!

-Dave Eggers


March 1 2008, 07:06:29 UTC 8 years ago

i looove this


February 28 2008, 06:12:18 UTC 8 years ago

this is from the Format's song On Your Porch

If I fail then I fail but I gave it a shot

....I use it when I need motivation to try something new.
lifes a bitch and then you marry one


February 29 2008, 21:08:10 UTC 8 years ago

Let's be one another's imaginary friend.

When the day and the week and the month are grizzled harpies
that crouch their airless weight on me
and tell me I am a worthless unlovable failure
I will imagine you here with me, your arms around me.
And they will run from you in terror,
and you will dust me off and smile.

And on those days when you need me, I will never fail you.
Nothing and no one can keep me from you.
Think of me, and I am there, my transparent cheek pressed to yours,
tenderly secret, and our sharp eyes will look out together.
We will answer the world with language Just, True and Prompt
and be unshaken as the foundations of the Sea.

And we will laugh fiercely at the heaviest burden,
and smile our enigmas in the face of your jailor,
and rest together in the impregnable castle we have built,
and care for nothing but this.
i did an internet search, and all it turned up was this page.

did you fucking WRITE this?
i want to get married.
Umm, yes, I did write that, actually.
Thank you, geez.


March 14 2008, 10:19:48 UTC 8 years ago

Two phrases have been my mantra for awhile now.

"This too shall pass"


"In the end, it's all okay. Because if it's not okay, it's not the end."


September 9 2009, 01:30:30 UTC 7 years ago

my Lord is so good to me!