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The other day while i was reading PostSecret (it was postsecret sunday, duh) I thought WHAT happened to this awesome community.
I am bringing it back from the dead, and i hope that you all will do it, and invite others too as well.

I dont know how often i will update it, but it will probably be once or twice a week. Let me know what you think!

This week:
What are your dreams/goals? Are they attainable? How are you going about achieving them?

<3, Mary!

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February 13 2008, 00:20:33 UTC 9 years ago

Lately, I have been having doubts for my dreams, Will I actually be able to get somewhere with this dream of mine? to entertain millions of people with my ideas for the screen. writing is a bitch, and I feel that I'm not working hard enough to achieve them, in all honesty, I think i'm just lazy, well sometimes I am. I wrote another short film idea today, and I like it, although I am trying to steer my mind from common cliche's. and i think the wierd part is, is that I DO dream of fame, I DO want to be famousI DO want to be an icon, maybe a cult icon that 30 years from now, fanboys can be like " yeah, if you like his recent work, then you haven't seen his early stuff" ( although I hope that my visions remain steadfast and not give in) Im trying so fucking hard
you have a dream, you may not always be motivated, but you will get it if you keep it. you just need a starting point and once you get going, dont stop!


February 13 2008, 00:43:13 UTC 9 years ago

I want to teach.
I want to change lives.
I want to travel.
I want to love.

I am teaching.
I am trying.
I am going to Vietnam.
I love you.
how does one celebrate singularity on valentine's day? it is hard amid the lovers that overwhelm this place. perhaps with wine and wonderful, wonderful friends. but that nagging aloneness will stick around. and make it once again a pitiful holiday.

but i am content. and dream of self- improvement and satisfaction. and it is attainable, i know! i enjoy working hard. and writing more. i realize now that i love to write.
me too. i hope it works and stays
i am also glad it is back.
i was thinking about it today!


February 13 2008, 01:26:35 UTC 9 years ago

Working on getting pregnant
is by far my favourite chore on the list.


February 13 2008, 01:59:04 UTC 9 years ago

good luck!!!

i cant wait to get pregnant


February 13 2008, 03:28:01 UTC 9 years ago

For the future? I don't know.
But for now? (And by for now I mean for the next four or five years, depending on circumstances)
My goal is to become really good at piano. Like REALLY good.

My other, more basic goal is to be happy. Let's see how that goes.


February 13 2008, 03:48:15 UTC 9 years ago

I want to do something meaningful but sometimes I get paralyzed by my fear of not being good enough at anything.

much easer- short term goals: clean up my room, not fail psych exam


February 14 2008, 01:18:02 UTC 9 years ago

I haven't orgasmed in 5 months!?!?!??! WTFFF?!