every moment i love you (emilitachiquita) wrote in letmebe_unknown,
every moment i love you

the community.

This community has gotten a little off track.  And by a little, I mean a lot.  And by off track, I mean ridiculous.

Therefore, I'm going to delete it.  Unless someone else wants to take it from me.  Then, go right a head.  I don't care, I just don't fucking want to be a part of it anymore.

Tell me if you want to be the mod, and then it's all on you.

But I'm done.

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if you/people want it to still exist, i can be the mod. if you can transfer it, that is.


March 7 2007, 04:02:46 UTC 10 years ago


What that person wrote to you is awful. But please don't delete this. And frankly, don't put it under new moderation. Let's implement positive change, let's FIX this community, make it what it once was, instead of abandoning it. Reading these and having this release has become SO randomly important to me. But I need it. And I really want you to mod it. I think you're right for it. Can we just come up with a way to stop the bitchiness? I think we can.

Please, please, please.


March 8 2007, 23:34:48 UTC 10 years ago

I have to say, I really like Emily's moderation but if she really can't do it anymore I understand.

I would hate for this community to be deleted though, I really love it.
I'll mod it if nobody else wants to. I love this community, but people just need to not be so harsh.


March 7 2007, 19:37:10 UTC 10 years ago

What happened?!
Emmy I think you should stop being the mod. This person is obviously trying their damnedest to hurt you and you don't deserve it. Having this community is only going to give this person power to keep saying things to you. If they were really who they portray themselves to be, they should have enough courage to say it to you without hiding their identity. Love you girl. Keep your head up.
You should start this community over with clearly defined rules and regulations and everybody should have a pen name. It can be a secret identity, but comments could be tracked easier so people will be forced to take responsibility for what they say. Or skip the second idea and just remake the community. I will miss it so much if it goes away.
I like the redoing the community, and keeping Emily as mod, but I don't know about the pen names thing. One problem is that because its anonymous people could start writing really nasty things under someone else's pen name, or make up new and random ones. Also, some of my past comments have been more obviously me than I realized, and my friends would be like, "That was you, right?" (luckily they weren't personal-type secrets) but then if they figured out that ONE comment was me, they could go back and read everything else I ever wrote.
Yea, I agree, I don't really like the pen name idea. Plus, it would be hard to enforce because how can you punish someone for not following a rule if you don't know who it was?

Also, ditto on the whole "more obviously me than I realized" thing.


March 13 2007, 02:45:18 UTC 10 years ago

I hope you stay!

But what's the verdict?